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Wasps Pest Control in Gurugram (Gurgaon)

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Wasp species are categorized as social or solitary. Social wasps live in colonies, which may number in the thousands. A wasp is a small winged flying insect with a sting in its tail. It has two pairs of wings which are folded when it rests. Its eyes are kidney-shaped. While both social wasps and bees generally live in colonies with queens and workers, they look and behave differently. Within these colonies, female workers perform all duties within the nest. Solitary wasps live alone and therefore do not have a colony.

The queen, which is much larger than her workers. It is important to distinguish between these insects because different methods may be necessary to deal with them if they are encountered. It is distinguished by its pointed body and waist. It makes a distinct buzzing noise. Some wasps are predatory, while others are parasitic. Predatory wasps kill and consume other insects while Parasitic wasps typically lay their eggs in the bodies of living creatures like caterpillars or spiders.Some wasps are aggressive species and can sting when threatened. Unlike honey bees, wasps often are capable of stinging multiple times.

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